Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rudy Giuliani's Awesome Speech

What a terrific speech by Giuliani at the Repub convention - much more exciting than anything we saw from the Democrats at their convention. He can even deliver his written speeches as if they were extemporaneous. Formidable politician...

View the speech here
(requires RealPlayer).

Full speech text can be found here.

Salient Quotes:

So, our opponents want to reframe the debate. They would have you believe that this election is about change versus more of the same. But that's really a false choice. Because "change" is not a destination ... just as "hope" is not a strategy.

The Democratic Party had given up on Iraq. And I believe, ladies and gentlemen, that when they gave up on Iraq they were giving up on America. The Democratic leader in the Senate said so: "America has lost." Well, if America lost, who won? Al-Qaeda? Bin Laden? In the single biggest policy decision of this election, John McCain got it right, and Barack Obama got it wrong.

If Barack Obama had been president, there would have been no troop surge and our troops would have been withdrawn in defeat.

Obama was going to take public financing for his campaign, until he didn't. Obama was against wiretapping before he voted for it. When speaking to a pro-Israel group, Obama favored an undivided Jerusalem. Until the very next day when he changed his mind. I hope for his sake, Joe Biden got that VP thing in writing!

Later, after discussing it with his 300 foreign policy advisers, he changed his position and suggested that "the UN Security Council" could find a solution. Apparently, none of his 300 advisers told him that Russia has a veto on any U.N. action. Finally Obama put out a statement that looked ... well, it looked a lot like John McCain's.

Here's some free advice: Sen. Obama, next time just call John McCain.

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