Thursday, September 25, 2008


Big news today about the bailout of the finance industry.

But what didn't make the news is that the Democrats have already had their financial bailout.
They've already received multiple millions in illegal gains, shady deals, kickbacks, and contributions from all kinds of financial companies.

Yes, I'm sure Republicans have done similar things, but since Big Media covers every single detail of those things, and ignores these, we'll focus on these...

Senator Chris Dodd - Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee
$225,000 from AIG (who was recently bailed with U.S. tax dollars)
$165,000 from Fannie Mae (bailed out as well)
$70,000 from Bank of America
$21,000 from CountryWide contributions
$75,000 in savings from Countrywide "VIP" loan program, where he still receives a special rate on his mortgage
$4.3 million from Securities and Investment firms
$1.4 million from insurance companies
$1.3 million from Real Estate companies
$860,000 from commercial banks

TOTAL: $8.1 from financial companies
Now that Fannie and AIG have been bougth with tax payer dollars, I'm sure Chris Dodd will return the contributions he received from them, since we the people have now financed them.

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Senator Barack Obama
$250,000 From Tony Rezko and associates (has not returned all of it)
$126,000 from Fannie Mae (bailed out by tax payers)
$366,000 from Lehman Brothers (now bankrupt, shareholders are out tens of billions)
$10 Million from Securities and Investment firms
$6.5 million from Real Estate companies
$4 million from "miscelaneous finance" companies
$2 million from commercial banks

TOTAL: $23 million

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Senator Harry Reid - Senate Majority Leader
$700,000 real estate profit when he changed federal laws to help a lobbyist
Unknown amount of contributions from those who made millions when he used federal power to let them buy land
$800,000 from real estate companies
$500,000 from securities and investment firms
$337,000 from insurance companies
$272,000 from commercial banks

TOTAL $2.6 million (does not include $3.6 million from lawyers and casinos)

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Charles Rangel - Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee
$250,000 - savings from 4 rent-controlled apartments, for last 5 years
$75,000 tax-free rental income from vacation condo (illegally gained, is now paying taxes on it)
$15,000 worth of tax-payer-funded parking for vintage Mercedes (again, wrongfully gained)
Unknown amount of capital gains from real estate sales
$1.3 million from Insurance companies
$1 million from securities and investment firms
$650,000 from real estate companies
$440,000 from commercial banks

TOTAL: $3.73 million (not including unresolved taxes he's not yet paid)

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