Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yeah!!! Finally an Ad From McCain on Raines-Obama

Frank Raines - CEO darling of the '90s and beyond. Some other facts:

Part of the Carter and Clinton administrations. Current economic adviser to Obama. 3 1/2 years of criminally lying at Fannie Mae, $9 billion of fraud, intimidation of opposition. Fannie Mae actually hired an operative to follow a Republican congressman around to his speeches when the congressman was speaking out for the need for more oversight of the monster that is Fannie Mae. Read more on that here.

Obama was only second down on the list of receiving the most contributions from Fannie Mae. Frank Raines had the Dems (and probably several other Republicans) in his pocket.

Think of that - a government-sponsored institution, that lied to its shareholders about earning 9 billion dollars, then used those profits that didn't exist to buy the influence of politicians, who protect it, so that the cycle can start all over: money earned-> donations made -> racket protected-> wash, rinse, repeat.

And Frank Raines made $100 MILLION while he was lying about his company's earnings all those years.

Geez, even Barney Frank apparently didn't make any money out of the prostitution ring that was operated out of his apartment, even if he does prop up and protect Fannie Mae.

And now, the McCain camp wisely goes after the connection between Raines and Obama and the whole Fannie Mae mortage crisis mess...

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