Friday, September 5, 2008

RANGEL ADMITS IT: Didn't Report $75,000 of Income

The poor Rep. from Harlem. All he has for a vacation getaway is this humble condo in the Domincan Republic:

... and though he rents it out all through the year, year after year, he has NEVER paid taxes on the income it generates. We used to care enough about this stuff that this would be enough to kick him out of congress, or at least he wouldn't have won his next election.

Democrat Rep. Charles Rangel is the Chairman of the Way and Means Committee. That makes him one of the most powerful people in the nation when it comes to determining tax law and how all those trillions will be spent.

This is why this story is so huge - the Democrat, who has now advanced a radical new increase in taxes, has not reported $75,000 in income from his villa.

Now, what do you think would happen to you or I if we didn't report $75k in income? Do you think the IRS would have a little problem with that? We'll see what happens to Rangel.

Rangel is one of the most divisive, partisan, and big-government Democrats that ever served in the House of Reps. Any time he opens his mouth about a conservative it's slime and slander.

One has to know, that if this were one of the most powerful Republicans going through this, it would be a 24/7 news cycle for a week on all the major networks. Yet, a Google search, as of today, on "rangel undeclared income" produced only the NY Post as the only recognizable media outlet, and it is not one of the majors.

This double-standard isn't just shocking - it's frightening. And it's one of the reasons that The Pantheon Journal exists. Larry King is not going to tell you about this stuff.

Click for the full Story from the NY Post, who broke this story.


Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel admitted that he earned more than $75,000 of undeclared income from a Dominican Republic villa, after The Post exposed his wrongdoing in an exclusive report Sunday.

Post investigation into Punta Cana found that the sun-drenched beach front "casita" 412 was regularly rented out for up to $1,100 a day, yet Rangel had said he received no income in 2006, 2007 and other years. In other years, he had declared rental income of up to $15,000. He now admits that over 20 years he made at least $75,000 in rental income that he didn't report.

Get more exposure here at The Pantheon Journal.

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