Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Palin Interview on Fox's Hannity and That Other Guy

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As a politician at the national level, I don't think Gov. Palin yet has the command of the issues and the ability to forcefully articulate distinct messages on some of those issues.  But I do think she's going to be a major hurricane-force politician in 8 years.  Watch out world.   But, to me, she starts out this interview a little weak.  She delivers later though.

Free comments provided before each video.

Parte Uno

Why do Palin and McCain have to back off of McCain's comments ("the fundamentals of our economy are strong")???  McCain was right when he said it!!!  He need not apologize.

Only those who at heart believe capitalism is at its core wrong could believe that the fundamentals of our economy are weak.  We have a 13-14 TRILLION dollar annual economy.  Unemployment is barely above 6%.  Again, the Eurozone is often in the 10% range on a good day.  Does anyone even remember how the media hounded us about all of the jobs being outsourced???  Unemployment throughout all that baloney was as low as the Clinton years.  We have one of the most productive work forces in the world.  Yes, credit markets and housing are terrible right now.  But it's actually a testament to the economy's strength and breadth that everything else is still holding up well.

Yes, there are some scary cracks in our foundation - but we still have the strongest economy on the planet.  And it would only be stronger with more privatization, less taxes on capital gains and corporate income, and less government.

WE DO HAVE A FUNDAMENTALLY STRONG ECONOMY!!!!  Don't worry, I'll quote all of these negative pundits and politicians later, when the economy is running full steam.  On to the video...

Parte Due

Gov. Palin shows some smart conservatism here in her track record.  I love the fact that she suspended gas taxes for her state when oil skyrocketed in price.  Very proactive.
Part 1 was populist.  Part 2 is conservative...

Parte Tre

I love the whole thing about having disagreements with McCain, and McCain encouraging different points of view - this was well said.  Part 3, she's sounding more vice presidential...

And I won't show you the boring "Palin's First Campaign Ad - I Love Wasilla", but I will show you a screenshot of a youtube video of someone's tv showing the commercial on Fox. That's a thrice-removed reference, here for free:

Geraldine Ferraro, eat your heart out!

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