Monday, September 8, 2008

Prison Guard Union: Recall The Governator!

Gray Davis raised millions from the Prison Guard Union. One check alone was for $25o,ooo.
That was enough to buy them $1 BILLION in pay raises. As soon as he was elected he gave them a 34% pay increase spread out over 4 years. That put their salaries way above school teachers. So much for that thing about Democrats caring more about education. Jus' follow da money.

Now, Gov. Schwarzenegger cuts their salary, and the union claims it is going to start a recall campaign.

Think about that cycle of cynicism: Bribe the candidate for Gov., and you'll get a pay raise. if he tries to take away your huge pay raise, start a recall campaign among your tens of thousands of employees.

Gov. Recall story is found here.

Gray Davis and the cynical way Dems get money from unions, then use taxpayers to hike the pay of those unions, is found here.

More love for unions here, at The Pantheon Journal.

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