Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Bolton Speaks Out Against Monkey Boy

The Great Monkey Boy of Iran recently spoke at the UN. Again.

Let me guess at the gist of his speech: "Those vile pig-dogs want to keep us from our peaceful dream of wiping Israel off the map."

Here's something to think about as a real possibility in the future... Iran gets nukes. Iran gives one to Hezbollah suicide terrorists. Said terrorists load it on a boat, and motor up to the shores of Tel Aviv. Boom. No Tel Aviv. Boom, boom. Israel answers back. The world tries to avoid premature Armageddon...

This is a distinct possibility. And yet the UN and Europe are drunk on leftist ideology, complacent in their immorality, and resolute on doing absolutely nothing to make the world safer. Barack Obama thinks he'll miraculously solve this problem by personally talking to the Monkey Boy leader. Apparently, Mr. Obama has something to say that no one else has thought to say before to the terrorist state.

And now, here's Johnnie...

More eschatology, here at The Pantheon Journal.

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