Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rhetoric As The Means, Rhetoric As The End

Thomas Sowell, a living quote machine, writes another riveting article here.

I wish everyone would read this.

Sowell's article shows how Obama's rhetoric is not only a means of campaigning, but also an end unto itself. All Obama has to offer for solutions to international problems is... more rhetoric (i.e., talk to Iran).

Again, as I've pointed out, this is supreme ignorance and arrogance, often displayed by liberals who think that the missing ingredient to solving a problem is the fact that they have not personally talked to the parties involved. And, again, I offer North Korean nuclear weapons, courtesy of the Clinton administration talking to the North Korean regime, as evidence.

If you are reading this, and you are thinking of voting for Obama, ask yourself this: how is it that more talk is going to keep Iran from giving nuclear weapons to terrorists who will no doubt visit their destruction on Tel Aviv and cities in the U.S.?

Perhaps someday terrorists will get their hands on a nuke. But let's not make that this year or the next or the next.

Quotes from the article:

A leader does not have to be evil to lead a country into a catastrophe. Inexperience and incompetence can create very similar results...

Barack Obama is truly a phenomenon of our time-- a presidential candidate who cannot cite a single serious accomplishment in his entire career, besides advancing his own career with rhetoric.

Will future generations wonder why we slept? Why we could not see the gathering storm in Iran, where one of the world's leading oil producers is building nuclear facilities-- ostensibly to generate electricity, but whose obvious purpose is to produce nuclear bombs.

When terrorists get nuclear weapons, there will be no way to deter suicide bombers. We and our children will be permanently at the mercy of the merciless.

Yet what are we talking about? Taxing and spending policies, socking it to the oil companies and rescuing people who gambled on risky mortgages and lost.

Are we serious?
Are we incapable of adult foresight and adult responsibility?

Barack Obama of course has his usual answer: talk. Rhetoric seems to be his answer to everything. Obama calls for "aggressive" diplomacy and "tough" negotiations with Iran.

These colorful adjectives may impress gullible voters but they are unlikely to impress fanatics who are willing to destroy themselves if they can destroy us in the process.

Just what is Senator Obama going to say to Iran that has not been said already? That we don't want them to develop nuclear weapons? That has already been said, every way that it can possibly be said. If talk was going to do the job, it would already have done it by now.

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