Monday, September 15, 2008


The Real Clear Politics Electoral Map shows, I think for the first time, McCain leading in electoral votes. 227 to 207, with 104 toss up electoral votes.

McCain is looking strong in Ohio - a must win - and Florida.

Tied in Pennsylvania?!?!?!?! That's got to be good news to the McCain camp. This is the state who wouldn't elect the Republican incumbent Senator Rick Santorum.

Obama still wins if all the toss up states are counted exactly as they are leaning. That map is here. It would appear then that McCain must take either Colorado or Pennsylvania, both of which are toss ups currently.

Changes since the last RCP electoral map:
All changes were in McCain's favor - Minnesota was leaning towards Obama, and is now a toss up. Former toss up states are now leaning towards McCain. North Carolina and Georgia, once leaning towards McCain, are now solidly his.

Get ready for panic in the Obama camp...

Tuesday, September 16
Race Poll Results Spread for Fox News/Rasmussen:

Pennsylvania Obama 47, McCain 47 Tie
Ohio McCain 48, Obama 45 McCain +3
Florida McCain 49, Obama 44 McCain +5
Virginia McCain 48, Obama 48 Tie
Colorado Obama 46, McCain 48 McCain +2

And the always-informative Current Electoral Map from RCP.

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