Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Rangel's Crimes Are So Bad

One of the most powerful Democrats in Congress continues to abuse his power, months after multiple scandals have been discovered.

I love this NY Post pic to the right - his taxpayer-provided Cadillac, picking him up at his luxury, yet rent-controlled apartment.

The NY Post reports that Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel is still using a rent-controlled apartment as campaign headquarters, which is against the rules.

Months ago, the day after the news came out about his 4 rent-controlled apartments, Rangel raised nearly $1.3 million in contributions.

Now, lists Harlem's median household income at about $15,000.

This is why this man is so repugnant. He's one of the most powerful politicians in terms of being able to craft new tax laws. He can raise millions with barely an effort, which makes him a perma-incumbent. And his district comprises constituents that are way below the poverty level, yet he chooses to take 4 apartments that could have gone to families less fortunate than him, and he gets all 4 of them WAY below market value. 3 of them have been turned into one big flat, and 1 is still campaign headquarters.

I hope the NY Post investigates WHY he's getting this break in rent. Could it be that the landlord gets anything in return for that? No, couldn't be...

Thomas Sowell neatly documents all of the problems with rent control in his books. And Rangel personifies it in the most disgusting and imperious way: when rent control is present, people buy more than they need. It's that simple, and it occurs every time you have rent control. Rent control allows Fat Cats like Rangel to use 4 times more than they would've otherwise, depriving other consumers of that resource (in this case, real estate).

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