Saturday, September 20, 2008

Terrible Attack In Pakistan

I hate to report on every single attack that occurs around the world, because I don't think it's helpful.

But this latest multiple-bomb attack in Pakistan is quite harrowing. A minimum of 40 people dead, many trapped. The building is gone - a gas pipe ruptured and the building burned and seemed totally gutted. A huge crater was left in the ground in front of the hotel from the bomb blast - and at least one witness said there were multiple blasts.

Mir said someone saw the hotel gates rammed open by a small car, followed by an explosive-laden truck, which detonated. Babar said initial reports said only that a small truck laden with explosives broke through the gate.

But the hotel manager said the blast went off outside the gates of the hotel, which is near the compound that contains the parliament building, the prime minister's house, the Supreme Court and the presidency.

More photos and news here at CNN.

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Sabra said...

Someone needs to report on every single attack on the world - even if you don't think it should be you. As to whether or not it is helpful, or not? I guess that is a personal opinion. But I, personally, think it would be a whole lot LESS helpful to not report on the attacks. People, especially Americans, need to know that there truly are people out there that live in a completely different "world" and that want to see Americans - as well as others - that disagree with their ideology, as warped as it may be, dead! Just my $.02.