Sunday, September 14, 2008

ABC Camera Angles Make Palin Look Tiny

Awesome blog here, apparently from a Hollywood director.
[hat tip: LGF reader links]

He shows concretely how, with camera lenses and angles, you can make a subject appear smaller or larger. Notice how in the picture above, even though Charles Gibson is sitting much further away, his headline is still above Gov. Palin's.

ABC chose to make Charles Gibson larger than life, diminishing the subject of the interview.

Not so when they interviewed Hillary or Obama.

To illustrate this further, I utilized some storyboarding software I normally use to figure out what shots need to be set up when I shoot a movie. Notice that by merely adjusting the height of the camera and using a telephoto lens we can manipulate the shot to make either subject we want larger or smaller. The characters themselves were not scaled up or moved at all. Obviously ABC, along with Mr. Gibson and his producers chose to make her look as tiny as possible.

What bias???

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