Friday, September 12, 2008

Charles Gibson's Con Job

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What a con job this interview is.

Wow - all of a sudden the Media are keenly interested in foreign policy. Why, just weeks ago they were only interested in our 'terrible' economy and how much people needed hope and change from this horrible, awful economy and the hell hole we've dug for ourselves. I mean, life here is unbearable, and only Barack can fix it - those sentiments have guided the major media for months.

Now, foreign policy is the only thing that matters in a VP candidate, judging by Charles Gibon's emphasis, which, after a question of qualification, solely focused on foreign policy for the next several minutes at least.

And he got what he was fishing for - an uncomfortable pause and a slight deer in the headlights look from Palin on the question of the "Bush Doctrine". But Bush, as far as I know, has never used this term. Therefore, Gibson should have said "the so-called Bush Doctrine."

Of course we should ask the candidates any and all questions about experience and their views on various issues of the day. But to take an area where you know a person is weakest, and focus only on that is not journalism, it's a biased fishing expedition.

Mr. Gibson, ASK OBAMA THESE SAME QUESTIONS. Of course, he's a little more prepared for them now after 2 years of campaigning. But there's a lot of video on his gaffes and flip-flops, especially early on in the campaigning. It turns out, governors and state legislators don't have a lot of time for international issues, which clearly fall outside the purview of their job.

What would Bill Clinton's answers have been before he took office? What experience did he have in foreign policy? Remember how the media hammered him for that? I don't. Because they didn't.

Yes, she's inexperienced, but she has more experience than Obama. No, she's not a foreign policy expert, but neither is Obama. Yes, she has the right core beliefs to see her through tough foreign crises. Obama does not.

And how did Charles Gibson treat Barack in his first interview?
NewsBusters has an excellent article here.

Nearly two years ago, when the inexperienced presidential candidate Barack Obama sat for his first interview with Charles Gibson, the ABC anchor did not try and expose any gaps in Obama’s foreign policy knowledge or press him about his readiness for the job he was seeking. Instead Gibson emphasized Obama’s personal story, about how his parents met, how Obama met his wife, etc.

More on the obvious and cynical pro-Obama bias of the media can found in this report: Obama’s Margin of Victory: The Media .

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rachel said...

I don't mind tough questioning...I prefer it (when it's fair).

But Gibson's attitude through out was condescending and elitist. His questions were straight, but his peering over the top of his glasses at her, and the underlying TONE of the questions said, 'come on little lady, you don't REALLY think a small town Christian hick like you are prepared for this big job, do you?'

What a crock. She is more prepared than the Messiah any day.

And Gibson is going to take some heat from women who are going to take this interview as sexist and snarky. Not to mention how the Christians and people from small towns will respond!