Sunday, September 14, 2008

Celeb Photographer's "War Monger" Photos of McCain

No media bias here. Jill Greenberg does lots of photos of celebs for major magazine covers.

NY Post reports
on her proudly boasting at her blog of taking purposely unflattering photos of McCain. She then photoshopped the photos on her blog, creating some quite interesting photos.


Greenberg, known for her heavily retouched pics of apes and babies, boasted to Photo District News that she submitted photos of the Arizona senator to the mag while barely airbrushing them.

"I left his eyes red and his skin looking bad," she boasted.

Greenberg also crowed that she had tricked McCain into standing over a strobe light placed on the floor - turning the septuagenarian's face into a horror show of shadows.

Asking McCain to "please come over here" for a final shot, Greenberg pretended to be using a standard modeling light.

The resulting photos depict McCain as devilish, with bulging brows and washed-out skin.

"He had no idea he was being lit from below," Greenberg said, adding that none of his entourage picked up on the light switch either. "I guess they're not very sophisticated," she said.

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