Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Roundup: World Headlines

EU is Weak: Won't Even Put Pressure on Moscow for Crimes in Georgia

There seems to be absolutely no hope that the EU will even hint at standing up to Russia. Apparently, they'll take the hegemony with the supply of oil from Russia.

More on Russia: Brazen Murder of Editor of Muckraking News Site

Imagine the editor of your favorite web site/blog gets on a commercial flight. He's surprised to see the governor of his state on the same flight. After landing, the gov heads off in a motorcade. The editor, while friends wait for him at the airport, is whisked away in an official security vehicle of the country. A short time later, he shows up at a hospital, dead, with a single gunshot to the head. The government then calls this an "accident." Such is the state of Russia today.

'Cat 5 Disaster' in Upcoming Pakistan Elections.

But Mr. Zardari is a caricature of everything that's morally bankrupt with the country's Westernized elite, and thus an inviting propaganda target for al Qaeda and the Taliban. It doesn't help, either, that they are working fertile political soil: 71% of Pakistanis oppose cooperating with the U.S. in counterterrorism, and 51% oppose fighting the Taliban at all, according to a June poll.

China Still Experiencing Harrowing Earth Quakes, Buildings Still Collapsing

And, From Iraq: Victory in Anbar As U.S. Hands Over Control to Iraq

The world has since seen al Qaeda driven even from what the terrorists and many in the Western press had claimed were Sunni enclaves that welcomed the terrorist help against the American "occupation." The result has been the most significant military and ideological defeat for al Qaeda since the Taliban was driven from Kabul in 2001. In danger of being humiliated in Iraq in 2006, the U.S. has demonstrated that it has the national will to fight a longer war. The Sunni Arab world in particular has noticed -- and is now showing new respect for Iraq's Shiite government.

Here's a good link to the story of the handover of control.

Another Japanese Prime Minister Resigns Due to Government Deadlock

Imagine 4 presidents in 3 years.

Hindus Kill Christians in India

Not the peaceful side of Hinduism we often see here in the U.S.
There are now 7,000 refugees, dozens killed, and buildings burned to the ground.
So much for tolerance and inclusion.

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