Monday, September 1, 2008

NY Post Nails Rep. Rangel

Charles Rangel (D - Harlem, NY), one of the most powerful congressman in the U.S., now has multiple public scandals: first, his 4 rent-controlled apartments, and now his beachfront villa in the Dominican Republic - one which the resort says is rented out all of the time, but one for which Rangel has only sporadically reported income. Tax avoidance has got to be a bad thing for the Chairman on the committee that has the most power over taxes and spending.

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Quotes from the articles:

Rangel reported no income in 2006 and 2007 from his three-bedroom, three-bath villa, which rents for between $500 in the low season to $1,100 a night in the busy tourist season. Reports on the fancy property - nestled in a resort that attracts A-list celebs and pols - in earlier federal filings were spotty as well, records show.

The Harlem lawmaker's cagey maneuver comes on the heels of another controversial real-estate deal.
Earlier this summer, he came under fire when he admitted holding leases on four rent-stabilized apartments - three for living quarters and one for an office - in the Lenox Terrace luxury high-rise in Harlem. Rangel gave up the office space - and insisted himself that there be a congressional ethics inquiry into the arrangement.

"Charlie Rangel is a fan of authoring massive tax hikes just as long as he doesn't have to pay them," said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain.

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