Thursday, October 2, 2008

Top 10 Extra "Thingies" Put Into The Bailout Package

10. $40 million emergency congressional pay package for overtime incurred during long, deliberating sessions

9. $300 million tax on the middle class to be immediately distributed back to the middle class

8. $156 million to establish insurance fund for lobbyists who bought ineffective influence in Washington

7. $22 billion in corn subsidies for ethanol

6. $472 million in subsidies for farmers to not grow too much corn

5. $127 million for Corn Huskers uniforms

4. $2 billion to communities built near active volcanoes

3. $33 billion in carbon offsets, non-hybrid auto carbon taxes, a ban on oil, and solar panels for endangered California condors

2. $77 billion to the Fund For Friends of Democrats Who Helped Cause This Whole Mess

1. $25,000 to cover the price of the paper the bill will be printed on

More taxen und schpenden, at The Pantheon Journal.

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