Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Support Biden's Family: Donate Now!

It may be a little too late for you to donate millions to the VP candidate's family. He's already funneled $2 million to his family during his failed presidential bids. It's' unknown if his new boss will allow him to continue the practice.

The Washington Times: Biden routes campaign cash to family, their firms

This gives a whole new meaning to the redistribution of wealth. From wealthy East Coast liberals to wealthy East Coast liberals. It's all about the fairness.

And remember, he and his lobbyist son never discussed work, because that would be a clear conflict of interest. It never even occurred to them to discuss lobbying senators when your dad's been a senator for 30 years. That's just not how they think.

God forbid that our leaders have the guts to simply pass a law that says you cannot funnel campaign money to your family for any reason, even if they recently became expert consultants or work for powerful lobbying firms. Just outlaw it altogether. I guess they haven't thought of that yet.

This scandal is sure to be the headlines for the next three weeks for Big Media. You know how hard they've been on Obama so far...

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