Thursday, October 30, 2008

THE Most Popular Election Video On Youtube...

11 million views.


Why is it Democrats can never express these kinds of sentiments?

Why is it Democrats don't get that if good men don't fight, bad men will rule?

Why is it Democrats don't understand that if someone knows how to build a nuclear weapon, they can build one after the inspectors leave?

Why is it the Democrats have never counted up all of the dead resulting from peace movements, appeasement, and cowardice?

Why is it Democrats demand tons of experience from a state governor - but only when they're from Alaska, not Arkansas?

Why is it Democrats demand more experience from the bottom half of one ticket - more than even the top half of their own ticket?

Why is it Democrats cannot name one single thing that qualifies as presidential experience for Barack Obama? No, running a presidential campaign does not count.

Why is it Democrats think this country is so putrid and awful, when literally billions of others would gladly trade countries with them?

Yes, of course, some Democrats can do these things. But those exceptions only prove my point.

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