Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama's Friend Ayers Dedicated Book To Kennedy Killer

Sirhan Sirhan shot and killed Robert Kennedy in 1968.

In 1974 Bill Ayers and his wife dedicated their book to Sirhan Sirhan.

Good thing he's just some guy that lives in Barack Obama's neighborhood. Forget that the both of them, Ayers and Obama, worked hard to spread around $50 million to train students in radical 60's-era America hatred.

Now, just like when Obama said he didn't think his church, with Rev. Jeremiah Wright as pastor, was "particularly controversial", this communist mini-manifesto of Ayers is also not particularly controversial, since its goal is the same as Barack Obama's presidential bid.

Here's a scan from the book that could work as an Obama campaign slogan (from Zombietime - see more below)...

Here's the video where Hannity reveals the bombshell...

It appears that Zombietime was the first to break this story, on Oct. 23.

Zombietime has an in-depth article on this whole subject: William Ayers' forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire

Here are some excellent tidbits from the article...

Major Kudos to Zombietime for putting together this collection of links...

• Ayers and Obama worked together for years on a school reform program called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.
• Ayers and Obama also served together on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago, a separate charity organization.
• Obama had his political coming-out party in William Ayers' home.
Ayers mentions Obama by name in a book he wrote in 1997, and mentions that the two are very close neighbors.
• Obama gave a short glowing review of that same Ayers book for the Chicago Tribune.
• Obama and Ayers were both presenters together on a panel about juvenile justice (organized by Michelle Obama).
• Both Obama and Ayers were close friends with the same person, Rashid Kalidi.
• There are also several unverified rumors swirling around that have not been documented: That Ayers may have helped to write part (or all) of Obama's autobiography; that Obama and Ayers shared an office space together for three years, on the same floor of the same building in Chicago; and that Ayers and Obama may have known each other as far back as 1981.

Here are some pages from the Ayers manifesto...
(click on any of these to make them MUCH larger.)

Penultimately, here's an eye-opening article written by David Horowitz, days after Sept. 11, 2001, on Bill Ayers.


In my experience, what drives most radicals are passions of resentment, envy and inner rage. Bill Ayers is a scion of wealth. His father was head of Detroit’s giant utility Commonwealth Edison, in line for a cabinet position in the Nixon Administration before his son ruined it by going on a rampage that to this day he cannot explain to any reasonable person’s satisfaction (which is why he has to conceal so much). It could be said of Bill Ayers that he was consumed by angers so terrible they led him to destroy his father’s career. But in the 10 hours I interviewed him I saw none of it. What I saw was a shallowness beyond conception. All the Weather leaders I interviewed shared a similar vacuity. They were living inside a utopian fantasy, a separate reality, and had no idea of what they had done. Nor any way to measure it. Appreciating the nation to which they were born, recognizing the great gifts of freedom and opportunity their parents and communities had given them, distinguishing between right and wrong – it was all above their mental and moral ceiling.

Lastly, again major kudos to zombietime for all of this info, a long but informative video on Ayers and Obama...

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