Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama: No, Really, I love This Country

Obama's love for the typical white racist people of this country just oozes...

I think this audio is more of a game-changer than Joe The Plumber...

Obama clearly doesn't believe in this country.

"WE also have to make sure that people are trained for jobs, that they have child care..."

Notice he says "We have to make sure". It's clear that, to him, the big state is responsible for making sure people are trained. Think about that - in your own life, do you think it's your responsibility to go out and get the training or knowledge necessary to get the job you want? How could it possibly be anyone's responsibility but your own?

But Obama thinks it's the responsibility of "we".
So one can just trudge through life, shun getting valuable skills, and have as many kids as you want - and "we" will be responsible for you, your kids, and your housing. But don't call him socialist!

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