Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Joe The Plumber Quote....

"The government needs to be cut in half."
- Samuel J. Wurzelbacher "Joe The Plumber", on Hannit & Colmes 10/20

Here's the video of the interview (they've not yet posted the second half which has the quote)...

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rachel said...


How about instead of raising taxes on the people who create jobs, how about we cut the salaries of these Congressional bozos in half and send all that money to the deadbeats who don't pay any taxes to begin with. Think they would be down with that? I mean they are being so generous with OUR about theirs?

Rob Baker said...

I totally agree with the sentiment, Rachel.

Thomas Sowell has some interesting insights on your solution, though. He says we should pay government officials A LOT MORE - so that the need to cheat and get bought by lobbyists would be much less. And I agree with that.

So, to modify your idea - how about we chop in half ALL non-defense spending, and give that back to the tax payers. How do you think the economy would respond to a trillion dollar a year cash infusion?????