Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama Still Won't Answer Ayers Accusations

Barrack Obama can sure bluster, but he's yet to directly answer the most important allegations and facts regarding his William Ayers connection.

Everyone talks about the bombings, but arguably the worst things Ayers did were: 1) tried to murder hundreds of U.S. Soldiers, but instead his friends blew up themselves building the bomb; 2) Brain wash young people on how racist America is, how bad capitalism is, etc., with his $50 million from the Annenberg foundation.

And Obama still won't repudiate the man's ideology, nor will he talk about the years that he worked for Ayers in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC). He's obvisouly hiding something. Let's just say it, sing Big Media won't: Obama is or was a man shaped by radical anti-american ideals of the '60's, and anti-white "theology". His hatred for capitalism and our system is there in his first book. And now that he's running for President, he has to make a move to the center.

Yes, these associations of his are important - he only recently stopped going to the anti-white, anti-american church of the hate monger Rev. Wright, so these are not "past" associations. His ideological and political formation occurred under the umbrella of radical, revolutionary hatred. That's why it's important. Hard to believe Amercians are even thinking of voting for him.

Again, would Big Media be interested if most of McCain's political and ideological mentors were the politcal inverse of Obama's? How about if McCain kicked off his campaign in the house of the man who tried to kill as many blacks as he could, and said he didn't do enough? How about attending a church that preached "white supremacy theology" where the purpose of christianity was to show how inferior non-white races are? Would that be a problem for McCain? Would it get any media attention? Would Big Media ask the tough questions?

Here's his interview with ABC.

Here's his comment about the Ayers problem:

"Why don't we just clear it up right now," Obama told ABC News' Charlie Gibson in an exclusive interview for World News. "I'll repeat again what I've said many times. This is a guy who engaged in some despicable acts 40 years ago when I was eight years old. By the time I met him, 10 or 15 years ago, he was a college professor of education at the University of Illinois . . . And the notion that somehow he has been involved in my campaign, that he is an adviser of mine, that . . . I've 'palled around with a terrorist', all these statements are made simply to try to score cheap political points."

Senator Obama, why don't you clear up this whole thing for us:
What was your role on the CAC, and why did you take a job that meant spreading 60's radical idealogy to young students?
What, exactly, was the nature of your relationship to Mr. Ayers, since he headed the foundation you worked for?
Why have you not repudiated anything that Ayers has said in the last decade or so?
Why don't you explain to us why you sat under the teaching of racist and biased "black liberation theology" for 20 years?

Go ahead, we're waiting...

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