Monday, August 18, 2008

Obfuscation, Obama-style

So, it's the campaign's intention to not answer questions clearly????

From NRO, regarding Obama's non-answer about the abortion question being above his pay grade:
“It’s always going to be the case that there is a wide range of opinions on that difficult issue,” Joshua Dubois, the national director of religious affairs for the Obama campaign, told me. “And that’s why it was important that Sen. Obama didn’t come up with an easy answer.
Full article here.

Watching parts of the Rick Warren townhall, it's clear that Obama is always trying to walk the tightrope on important questions - he has a clear calculus: How can I answer this question and not offend the evangelical right while still being true to my radical lefty homies?

Truly, though, you have to give it to Obama for even going to that event - I'm not sure any other Democratic candidate would have, and it took guts to do it.

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