Thursday, August 28, 2008

Intial Thoughts on the Obama Speech

HOW? how are you going to do it?
HOW MUCH is it going to cost?
WHO are you kidding?

more americans are out of work
- more than what? Not more than the Clinton years. Way less than the Carter years.

Broken Politics.
- every election cycle we see the classic "throw the bums out" campaigns. Has any major media outlet even brought that up?
Obama's change message is nothing new - throw the bums out is an old strategy.

That brought you George bush and Dick Cheney
- as if that meant something. Saying "Dick Cheney" isn't an accusation in and of itself unless you're an ultra-lib.
Liberals create a myth and then repeat it enough to convince others that it's true.
Cheney. Haliburton.
Cheney has more experience than Barack Obama could ever dream of, even when the dreams are from his father.
Simply because he was a CEO before being a vice president - this is evil?
And Michelle Obama getting promoted to a position on a corporate board for $300k a year AFTER Obama became a senator - that's not bad?

Did he really say that a company's responsibility is to create jobs?
- creating jobs is a by-product of investment and success.
the only responsibility that they have is to obey the law while they under go their proclaimed right to the pursuit of happiness

- promises to end our dependence on foreign oil in 10 years.
- this is the same guy who says we will see no benefit at all in 10 years if we allowed more drilling today, right now.

Mid-way through I'm thinking...
who does this guy think he is?
end all misery...
make all people equal...
right the wrongs of prejudice

michelle and him were given a chance.
michelle went to Harvard because of equal opp. policies - has anyone ever asked which student was it that did NOT get into Harvard because of that? It was one who actually had the appropriate grades that was bumped out. That person may have even been another african american.

Wow - no one has ever before thought of cutting wasteful programs and making existing ones more efficient. He didn't say how, but he said he'd do it. And that's going to raise an additional $1 TRILLION bucks in 4 years? Now that is a dream from his father.

take out osama bin laden - what nonsense. Does he think we are not trying to do this?
The cave where he lives - is in Pakistan, an unstable country who cannot be seen by most of its populace as supporting a christian nation.

Clinton, not McCain, is the one who did not see the future and only saw the past - he promised a peace dividend after the cold war ended but could not see the Islamic holy war against the west - even after the FIRST attack on the WTC in the FIRST YEAR of his admin.

He'll stop Iran and Russia, but he won't say what steps he'll take to do that. Talking to them will do that? Russia and Iran's only problem is that they have not been talked to?

The Dems and Obama cannot escape the fact that we would have LOST IN IRAQ HAD THEY GOTTEN THEIR WAY in 2006 and 2007.

Think of Muqtada al-Sadr running Iraq with his thugs and al-Qaeda in tow.

Finally a great line:
Change doesn't come from Washington, it comes to Washington.

Once again a Dem leader of the national ticket invokes for his own purposes the scriptures. And in this time instead of faith and hope in God, we can only assume Obama meant faith and hope in him. Shameful.

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