Friday, November 7, 2008

What A Secret Centrifuge Site Looks Like

Oh, the fun with Google Maps.

After watching this video here, I was able to find the secret Natanz centrifuge site in Iran.
Centrifuges are used in nuclear technology to create powerful, "enriched" uranium. If you get good enough at them, you can make a nuclear weapon.

Here's how you can tour the facility yourself, from the sky:

First, go to Google Maps.

Second, in the search field (on Google Maps, not the main Google site), copy and paste this:


.. and click the Search Maps Button.

Or, just use the embedded map right below (it's live, you can click on it!):

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And now, some pics (mine, from Google maps, and one from
I'm sure President-elect Obama is going to see plenty of pictures like these in the coming months...

click to enlarge any of these

This would be a good area to avoid, if you're going to vacation in Iran within the next two years... (the "A" symbol is where the centrifuge site is)

And, just for fun, here's a live map of the infamous Bushehr nuclear reactors... ("Bush error" is a very unfortunate name for this plant)

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SilentJay said...

Ok seriously, what makes you so sure you are an intelligence analyst and were able to find a secret Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Facility? If this turns out to be true, I would run and hide.

Rob Baker said...

Hi, SilentJay-
thanks for the question.

Did you follow the links above?

In this video, you can see that the geography is exactly the same as what I found in the map:

Again, this link is above in the article... Look at it and see that they have the same exact pics as I got from google:

All I did was watch that video and say, "Hey, I bet I can find that on Google maps." After a Google search, I found several sites that mentioned where the site could be located, roughly. So I simply went there in Google maps and looked until I found it. it was easy - just follow that main highway southeast or so, and boom, I found the rock formations to the south, and the spot.

Just Google "Natanz Centrifuge" and you'll see it's accepted knowledge that this place does indeed house a centrifuge facility.