Monday, November 17, 2008

Michael Yon's Afghanistan...

"These boys might be old men before this current war is over. Their fathers were born during an earlier phase of it. It is hard to imagine how the nicer parts of their culture can survive a multi-generational war, and how the country can advance when its resources go to basic self-defense. Yet here they are, seemingly ready for change. The British tell me it will take 10 years to “win” the war. Some Americans say 25. Both seem like gross underestimates. Perhaps the fighting will end. But it will take a century for Afghanistan to become modern. Today, Afghanistan is spiraling into the abyss. To us, progress is a given. To others, it is an elusive dream, if they dream at all. Here, the march of time can go forward or backwards."

These words were penned by Michael Yon, whose incredible web site can be found here.

Yon is an independent journalist in the truest sense, and you can support him directly by either donating or buying his eye-opening book about the war in Iraq.

Here's a sample of photos from his site, taken in Afghanistan recently...

Little Boy

The road from Kabul to Jalalabad.

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