Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama Says It Again In Other Video: No New Coal

From Kentucky, May 10 2008....

Start close to the middle of the video to get the good quotes.

"I am not going to license or encourage coal that's dirty... Right now we're not quite there yet."

Meaning, there will be no new coal plants unless they use "clean" technology - of course, this will be whatever Obama's definition is of "clean". It could also mean, as Obama said in San Francisco, that even current coal plants couldn't get a license until they are "green".

Also note that, as he's said many times before, these carbon credits that coal and other companies will have to purchase will generate funds for green tech. How? That must mean that the federal government will OWN the credit system, companies will pay the federal government for the carbon credits, and then the government will pass out those funds to whatever companies it wants. DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!!!
"We're going to have an aggressive cap and trade system. What that means is that, any industry that wants to burn any kind of energy, it's going to have to pay for any greenhouse gases it releases. By the way, that will generate billions of dollars in revenues that can be invested in green technology."

This is nothing more than a massive tax increase on everyone, with billions being funneled to green tech companies.

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