Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chris Matthews: My Job Is To Make The Obama Presidency Work

And now, from our "What Media Bias?" department...

The historic meltdown of MSNBC continues.

Chris Matthews, host of the softball for dems/hardball for conservatives show, believes it's his job to make this presidency work. Not investigative journalism. Not talking with all sides of the spectrum to get their take and ask probing questions so that viewers have enough information to decide. His job is to make the Obama presidency work. That's more like the ministry of propaganda, isn't it? At least his coworker calls him on it.

"I want to do everything I can to... make this new Presidency work. Yeah, that's my job."

Shocking video....

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Anonymous said...

I have studied socialistic journalism in the 60th and passed my PhD thesis about it.

What this journalist is saying, is Marxism-Leninism pur et dur. Lenin taught, the media (at that time the press) should be the collective agitator, propagandist and organizer.

This role has been played by the US media during the campaign already. I have written about it here (in German): "Joe The Plumber" heisst gar nicht so, und Joe Stalin auch nicht!

In note #8 you find the source in the Works of "Joe the Hammer" Stalin.

Regards and good luck!
Gudrun Eussner (Mrs.)