Friday, November 7, 2008

221: The Number Of Reasons Franken Is A Loser

Al Franken, the loving liberal and senatorial candidate, has lost his Senate race in Minnesota by 221 votes in the latest count.

The latest count - and probably not the last.

The suspicious thing is that somehow 100 votes were picked up in one of the several recounts, and all 100 went to Franken and Obama - of which Senator Coleman's (Franken's opponent's) campaign manager said was "statistically impossible."

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The difference between Coleman and Franken, which stood at 725 votes in Coleman's favor Wednesday morning, has changed several times since then as county officials have checked results, and was 221 by Friday evening.

An election night worksheet from St. Louis County showed Franken with 406 votes from Precinct 1 in Mountain Iron. The revised totals Thursday night showed him with 506. Similarly, the vote total for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama increased from 469 to 569 when the final tallies were complete

"Obviously, this is highly suspicious. They found 100 votes, and it's statistically impossible that all 100 votes went to the two Democrats, even in St. Louis County," said Cullen Sheehan, Coleman's campaign manager.

UPDATE: Pajamas Media has more.

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