Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You've got to hear Roger Ailes speak...

This guy is considered the Great Satan by liberal pundits.
You've probably never heard him speak before.
At least watch this clip - he's the most down-to-earth, forthright, commonsense speaker I've heard.

Roger Ailes on Uncommon Knowledge

Mr. Ailes is the reason behind a lot of successful ventures - including Fox News, which now totally dominates their class of programming. You'll find out some fascinating things about how he runs Fox News.

On his view of government:
"The American people have got to understand that everything government does costs money and there are only two ways to get it: their wallet or to print it. And if they print it, it reduces the amount of money in your wallet."

On the failure of big government policies in big cities:
"Every time you have a poverty city you have a one-party government - Chicago, Newark."

The whole series can be found here
: scroll down to see the Ailes episodes.

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