Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why They're Called "The Drive-by Media"

The major media pick up and run with a story that they want to believe. It just has to be true to them. Except, sometimes the story is not true at all. But it's too late. That damage has already been done, and their goal of tearing down their enemies a little bit more is accomplished.
And they wonder why their audience ratings are dropping as fast as a dead insect.

There is still no evidence that the n-word or spitting occurred on the day of the singing of the "health care" bill. Yet I bet if you asked the average person, they'd say that someone from the Tea Party protesters did just those things.

Well, you can go right to the source - the congressman who made the accusations and is now backing off of them. He is a liar, and should be censured for it. It's shame he uses the banner of civil rights as protection for his virulent lying.

Full story here at the American Thinker: Spittlegate.

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