Monday, April 19, 2010

You can't wish it away: Iranian Nukes coming to a shore near you

Have you ever noticed that only the truly psycho regimes parade their missiles in public? The Soviets did this. Saddam did this. The Iranians and North Koreans love to do this. Nuts.

And what, exactly, is a lethal response to a country like Iran if they were to attack us first with a nuclear weapon? Do you obliterate Iran's cities? We could no doubt do this with ease. But what would be the point - killing all those innocent people, most of whom probably hate the mullahs anyway.

The answer is, there is no satisfactory response.

So the only solution to this problem is... a preemptive strike. Avoid nuclear war in the first place.

This new story coming out of our own Defense Department may finally force the hand of the U.S.: Iran may be able to reach us with a missile in 5 years. They'll be capable of producing a nuclear weapon before then - so all that's left is to figure out how to put that on a missile, and we have ourselves a new cold war with a culture and religion we can't even comprehend. At least in the good ol' days of the Cold War we knew Russia wouldn't sacrifice her existence to make nuclear war with us. There is no guarantee of that with Iran, whose leaders seem to be of the suicide bomber mentality.

The West spent half a decade denying and ignoring the threat of Hitler. And none of the wishing away, the peace movements, the hope, the negotiations, and the signed treaties - none of it prevented the largest war this world has ever seen.

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