Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The obligatory and depressing post on California schools

We have a great school in our humble district of 5 schools. Excellent district.
But when looked at on the state level, there's not a lot of positive things happening.

Quotes from The Economist: From bad to worse

California’s 8th-graders (14-year-olds), for example, ranked 46th in maths last year. Only Alabama, Mississippi and the District of Columbia did worse.

The California Teachers Association (CTA) is the biggest lobby in the state, having spent some $210m in the past decade—more than any other group— to intervene in California’s politics.

But although schools account for the largest part of California’s budget, California entered the recession ranking 46th in spending per pupil. It has the largest classrooms in the country, with 23.4 students per teacher in 2008, almost twice the national average. Schools in black and Latino districts fare much worse than those in white areas.

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