Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zippy The Foregin Minister Speaks

And she's livid...

actually, she's so boring you don't even need to watch it.

Sorry for the stupid name puns.

But why is it liberal governments, like that which currently runs Israel, just love bombing? Sending in the troops they can't stand - but bombs? You betcha. Remember Clinton and his bomb-lobbing at Al-Qeada camps? Several donkeys were injured. Then he bombed Sarajevo in the Balkans war.

Israel in 2006 bombed everything in sight during their war against Hezbollah. They crippled Lebanon but not Hezbollah, turning world opinion radically against them. Then the Olmert government lamely and belatedly sent in ground troops - a few miles or so into Lebanon.

Troops, no. Bombs, yes.

How many more targets can there possibly be in the backwards and tiny Gaza strip?

I'm all for Israel defending itself. But I seem to recall that when Israel actually occupied the Gaza strip and regularly conducted ground raids, there were no suicide bombers, nor Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza, nor the need to bomb everything.

Let's get the real men and women back in control in Israel, the ones who can deal with terror as it warrants.

Terrorists in Gaza have been shooting rockets nonstop for years. Why all the bombing now? Could it be their upcoming election, with political opponent Bibi Netanyahu knocking at the door? This massive bombing right before an election smacks of cowardice and craven politics over real action.

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