Saturday, December 27, 2008

Huge Raid In Gaza Strip: Israel Rains Down Bombs

Full story here at the Jerusalem Post....

Funny how when Israel decides, once in a while, to defend itself, suddenly there calls for "restraint". And no one in the press can figure out who actually "broke the truce". You, know that 6-month cease-fire kind of truce where the Gazans rained down rockets in southern Israel every week. You, know, that kind of truce. That's the "truce" that the Israelis let expire.
And now the bombs begin.

It's very sad, because a lot of lives are in hell right now.

But this problem is easily solvable if all the Palestinian Arabs want is some land. But they don't, they want the annihilation of Israel. That one's pretty much impossible to solve. Even if Iran puts a nuke off the coast of Israel they won't cease to exist and just go away.

It seems we'll just continue in this cycle of violence, then fake peace talks, until the Arabs decide that peace is the only route and Israel has right to exist. Sad.

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