Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not Your Average Rockets Red Glare

Rocket launch from Gaza, aimed at Israeli civilians.

Imagine living in a tiny strip of land, where some parts are only about 10 miles wide.

Then imagine in the part where you do have a lot of space, raving lunatics shoot off randomly targeted semi-pro rockets at you. One or two of you might die every once in a while. But you'll have to head inside in case there is a barrage coming.

How long would you put up with that? For those psychos that are bombing you - would you want to provide them with electricity? Water? Imports to let their economy run so they can build more rockets and buy more machine guns? Again, these madmen live only miles away from you, sometimes not even behind a big cement wall. (Israel does just that - provides electricity, water, and allows Gaza to carry on commerce with the outside.)

Visualize this - you are the small blue part below inside California.

And all of the rest of California wants you out of that blue part.
And, even inside the blue part there are vast swaths where those enemies live.
In the rest of the blue part, one in five or so of the citizens are friends with those who want to kick you out. Not exactly comfy. And all that yellow California part are states controlled by dictators, proxies for Iran (who wants you wiped off the map), and outright terrorist-controlled countries. 30 years ago they tried to wipe you out - not politically. Really. As in all of you dead, and all of 'we' take your land.

Such is the state of Israel today.

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