Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Violent Ignorance of Jimmy Carter, Oliver Stone, et al...

How can supposedly peace-loving "progressives" support murderous dictators?

How can one visit a country like Cuba, knowing full well that there are many political prisoners suffering in terrible conditions, and serving long sentences?

Think about that - if Jimmy Carter, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, and all of them know that there are political prisoners in Cuba - then the liberal elite crowd must think those prisoners deserve their fate. Oliver Stone has actually said as much in public. So while they call George W. Bush Hitler, they shake hands and have tea with a murderous dictator who imprisons people for decades for much less (wanting civil rights, for example).

Excellent post here by Humberto Fontova.

Fox did a show on Cuba's wonderful and free health care system - see below.

And if you can stomach it, look here at

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