Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another registered sex offender kills..

The evidence may be pointing to two murders, a year part but in the same area, by the same guy, who is now in custody.

Remains of Missing California Girl, 14, Found Year Later

It's always striking to me, these heinous crimes. We read the headlines, and are maybe shocked for a few moments, then we go back to our lives, back to electing the soft-hearted idots who create the laws that let little-girl-kidnappers walk free.

In any sane society, if a man kidnaps, lures, etc., a young girl, he wouldn't ever walk free again. Not ever.

Yet we seem to be glad to just live with these obscene crimes as long as they don't make us think, change our vote, or otherwise inconvenience us.

Where is the anger at these crimes????

Has it ever occurred to you that we could live in a society virtually free of these crimes?

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