Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Climagte is Far From Over

Have you forgotten about the sham science and outright fraud behind the "science" of the leading man-made global warming crowd? I haven't.

Great article from American Thinker on how the Washington Post has buried and mis-characterized the whole thing. And how the "investigations" into the fraud were essentially all about covering up the story, and not getting to the truth.
But it's far from over...

Full article here.

Another great article from Atmospheric scientist Fred singer.
Then, on May 13, Nature ran an editorial ("Science subpoenaed") attacking Cuccinelli, and in the process labeled those who dared question Mann's science as "climate-change deniers." That term would seem to include all of us who recognize that for the past two million years, the climate has been changing, dominated by ice ages, interrupted only by brief warm periods; that for the past ten thousand years, the earth has been both warmer and colder than today; and that there was a Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and a Little Ice Age (LIA). Who indeed can deny that climate changes?

Fortunately for climate alarmists, the upturned "blade" of the hockey stick is still there, showing rapidly rising temperatures over the past thirty years -- thanks to the valiant efforts of Prof. Phil Jones. We are breathlessly waiting for expert scrutiny of his methods of selecting data from thousands of weather stations to arrive at a single number for "global temperature." Perhaps Jones will reveal the algorithms he devised to "adjust and correct" the raw data. But unfortunately, he did not save the original temperature records; as the saying goes, "The dog ate them."

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