Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And you still think the U.N. is useful?

Worse than useless, the U.N. is a harmful distraction.
We try in vein to get Russia and China (a pseudo-dictatorship and a currently communist regime, respectively) to agree to sanctions against Iran. They say yes, then they say wait a minute let's not be too rash.

Now, the U.N. has put Iran on its commission on women's rights.
And, who better than a mullah-controlled regime that stones women and literall
y sends out the fashion police to watch for women who dress immodestly or too Western?

Hey, maybe there's an anti-terror commission we can put them on, where the venerable committee will watch out for nation states with nuclear ambitions that fund terrorism worldwide and kill U.S. troops?

If you think the U.N. is a valuable institution, then you have truly drank too much of the KoolAid.

Fox News: U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women's Rights

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