Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza Rockets Slam Into Israeli Kindergarten...

Could there be a clearer example of the differences between Israel and the psychos that control the Gaza strip?

The JPost reports that rockets launched by the terrorists of Hamas, from Gaza, landed on an Israeli kindergarten school.

The school was empty, due to a directive to keep the kids out of school - either from the Gaza rocket attacks, of which there have been thousands, or the Israeli military action in the strip.

So take note of something the media will not point out to you - Israel protects their kids and moves them away from danger. And today that saved the lives of who knows how many little ones from this random rocket attack.

But in Gaza, Hamas intentionally uses children as shields and sacrifices for propaganda. A dead child is worth a lot when world media will broadcast the image unceasingly around the globe. One of the top Hamas leaders who was recently killed had turned his home into a bomb and rocket-making factory. With all his wives and children still there in the house, apparently.

Israel aims their advanced weapons at Hamas targets. Hamas wantonly blasts rockets into Israeli territory hoping for any kill.

So think of that when you hear all the moral equivalence regarding Hamas and Israel and all the "disproportionate response" talk. If random rockets were raining down on your own city - on your own kids - how would you respond?

And we close with those wonderful, brave men of Hamas, launching rockets right in front of a boy's school...

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